Isnin, 2 September 2013

Peee Emm Maarr!..~

Hye peeps What's up!
Today je dh 30 days to go for PMR waaaaaa!~ scary mary mehhhh!~ Hurm.. anyway diorg kata PMR sgt senang..ckp diorglaa kitorg x tau..but you know what kwn2 I semua jeles sbb time trial I bolot B hahah kecoh je tpi x de 'A' punnn hahahaha but it's okayh.. Menurut MR.A dia kater Trial nihh mmg x byk 'A' sbb susah.. -weirdo- dia nk jaga hati I ke or betul2 Hurm.. but it's okayh.. I will try my best.. And for All PMR candidates.. wish me luck..doakan saya :) And for all of you Good Luck :) GTG bye Assalamualaikum Annyeong XOXO :D

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